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The Caretaker Quiz

(Do your best to give your first reaction/response to the questions)

1. I believe it is wrong to be selfish.

2. I give more emotional nurture than I receive.

3. It is hard to me to accept emotional care from others.

4. I am sensitive to others and go out of my way to avoid hurting feelings.

5. I need others to express approval of me so I know how I’m doing.

6. I have a hard time remembering names, even the moment after an introduction.

7. I over-commit and over-promise myself. I say “yes” too much.

8. I don’t like anger, my own or others, and I prefer to avoid conflict.

9. I can speak up for others, but rarely for myself.

10. I would rather go without than ask for emotional nurture.

If you have answered “Yes” to five or more of these questions, there is a good chance you are not only a caretaker, but have a Caretaker Personality.

Perhaps, surprisingly, I am going to tell you that that is a good thing.

It gets bad press, but the only time having a caretaker personality is not good, and even harmful, is when we don’t know how to, or refuse to, take care of ourselves in the process of taking care of others and life situations.

This leads to the loss of self and it is too easy to blame life or others for how we feel.

Dealing with the Caretaker Personality is one of Judy’s areas of specialty. Please feel free to contact me. I would like to help.

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