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What We Offer

While we can’t list everything we offer on this page, below is a list of the main services we provide for our clients. If your situation is not listed here, please contact us by email or phone with your questions.

Individual Counseling
Do you ever look out your window and wonder if this is all there is? If you feel stuck, bogged down, anxious or depressed, you will be glad to know that change is possible. You do not have to live this way. With professional help you can make real changes in your life. We are here to help.

Marriage Counseling
Do you ever wonder if you married the right person? If you and your spouse are arguing more and enjoying each other less, we can help you resolve issues, reconnect and restore your relationship.

Couple Counseling
Do you wonder if you are with the right person? If you and your partner are arguing more and enjoying each other less, we can help you clarify expectations, review your goals and resolve issues.

Premarital Counseling
If you are trying to decide about a future together and wondering if you are right for each other, we can help you clarify expectations, identify your communication styles and recognize both your negotiable and non-negotiable values.

Family Counseling
When you decided to have children, did you ever think it would be like this? If your children are driving you crazy and causing serious conflict in your family, we can help you develop mutual respect, restore order and experience harmony.

Post-Divorce Co-Parenting
When adult divorce each other, they do not divorce their children. If you and you former spouse can’t seem to find a way to work together as co-parents, we can help you meet these challenges with dignity and mutual respect.

Blended Families
Brady Bunch? If you and your new partner are unable to come together on how to relate to each other’s children, we can help. Studies report that 75% of remarried adults don’t know where to turn for help blending their two families. We’re here to help you find solutions to the challenges you face as a remarried couple with children.

Grief and Loss
Do you wonder if your life will ever be the same? Finding a new normal after a significant loss is never easy. We can help.

Inner Child

We all have an inner child.  When we were born we were all born pure, clean and innocent.  We were not wounded.  Over time, we became wounded.  And, the wounds were not cared about or healed.  The wounds we carry into adulthood are not always obvious.  They don’t show.  We have learned to cover them up, hide them, ignore them, and even blame ourselves for them. 

Seminars Workshops and Retreats
We offer seminars, workshops and retreats addressing challenges relating to parenting, marriage, communication, conflict management, caretaking, stress management and burnout.

Clinical Supervision and Consulting
Tom offers Minnesota State approved clinical supervision for marriage and family therapists as well as professional consulting.

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