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Tom and I have been married for close to fifty years.  We were married in 1965 right after I graduated from college.  I was right on track with my life plan.  This makes me laugh now, imagining that I had any control over my life plan, if you know what I mean.

Tom graduated from college a year ahead of me and went on to graduate school in Dallas, Texas. That meant we spent one year of our engagement apart.  It was in the days of the three minute phone call and spending one dollar for three minutes talking to the person you loved outweighed a night out with your friends.

We survived the year apart and we got married.  Tom finished graduate school and decided to go on to post graduate school.  Surprisingly, we learned we were to become parents ahead of schedule.  See what I mean about having control over my life plan?

Tom began his career in the ministry and I began my oft dreamed of goal of becoming a mother.

We had three children within eighteen months.  After our first child, a daughter, was born, we had twins seventeen and a half months later.  Talk about plans veering off in another direction.

I learned something about grief at that time.  I learned grief not only has to do with death, but grief has to do with loss.  In spite of the joy of two healthy babies being born into our little family, I lost something.

I had to ask myself what I lost.  The answer is a very subjective one.  It is an answer no one could have known or told me unless they were in my skin.  I learned to ask my clients what it is they have lost when they experience a death or a loss.  I know there was a purpose in my experience.  I learned I could help others understand loss and grief.

Our children are now grown and married and have given us nine grandchildren.  If I can say one of the things I am most proud of, it is watching our children raise their children and teaching the values they grew up with.

We attend our grandchildren’s concerts and activities to the best of our ability and know that we are a constant in their lives.  They don’t wonder if we will be there for them, they question where we are if we aren’t.  That’s the way we like it.

Family is a value.  It was learned and it is being taught.  I don’t know that a child can give a parent a greater gift.


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