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Feeling Friends

Feelings are our friends.  Just like our friends, we may not like all of them all of the time, but we don’t want to lose them altogether.  It would be nice if we could choose which feelings to have and which feelings to not have, but it doesn’t work that way.  It has been said if we don’t have all our feelings, eventually we will have none.

There are many feelings, but simply put, there are primary feelings and there are secondary feelings.  The primary feelings are the softer more vulnerable feelings, which we are often not as comfortable showing or expressing.  The secondary feelings are the feelings we opt for because they mask the softer feelings and we don’t feel as vulnerable.

When we skip over the softer feelings and move too quickly toward the secondary feelings we pay a price.  And, you may have already guessed, the price is more feelings that often don’t make us feel good about ourselves and/or how we handled life situations.

Our feelings are not only our response to life events, but they signal us when things are wrong, when there is danger, when we have made a wrong decision and when we have made a right decision.  These are some very basic ways in which our feelings are our friends.

It is a gift to ourselves and the people we are connected to, be it family, friends or work colleagues, to know, understand, respect, and communicate our feelings responsibly and respectfully.  This may not have been what we learned growing up, but we can learn it now, starting today.

Each of the following pages will be dedicated to discussing and understanding our feeling friends.

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