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Marriage Counseling

Do you remember dating and how fun and exciting it was?  Do you remember how hard it was to have to wait to see the person you were falling in love with?

Some people thought and believed that marriage would be like fulltime dating.  You would get to see and be with that other person all the time and it would feel that good for the rest of your lives.  Need we say that is a myth.

When two people get married each comes with a set of expectations.  Those expectations include what we hope to get from our partner and what we expect to give.  Unfortunately, many couples never talk about these expectations.  They enter into a contract with another human being without ever reading it.

Over time it is easy to wonder if you married the right person. It becomes easier and easier to say, “I love them but I am not in love with them.”

Falling in love is the same as someone knowing your needs and meeting them easily and naturally just by being them.

Falling out of love is the same as someone knowing or not knowing your needs and not meeting them.

Marriage counseling requires two people who are committed to doing whatever it takes to make the marriage work.

If one or both of the partners is uncertain of their level of commitment, we pursue either exploratory counseling or dissolution counseling.

There is hope.  We want to help.

We Want To Help

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