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Inner Child

We all have an inner child.  When we were born we were all born pure, clean and innocent.  We were not wounded.  Over time, we became wounded.  And, the wounds were not cared about or healed.

The wounds we carry into adulthood are not always obvious.  They don’t show.  We have learned to cover them up, hide them, ignore them, and even blame ourselves for them.  

Everyone has two parts.  One part is the adult part, which I call “Big.”  The other part is the child part, which I call “Little.”  Many people grow to adulthood with an overdeveloped “Big”, and an underdeveloped “Little.”

For those with an overdeveloped “Big”, it seems safer to stay in their heads and “think” their way through life.  It is less vulnerable, defenses are at the ready and it is easier to hide their feelings from others and even from themselves.

But, amazingly, our inner child refuses to be hidden forever.  Somehow, someway, the inner child finds a way to get our attention in ways we cannot ignore.  When the inner child is denied for too long, it kicks up a storm often in the form of physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, multiple forms of misbehavior and oftentimes sabotaging our goals, dreams, professional success and satisfying personal relationships.

We need both our parts.  We need both our parts working together.  The goal is not to “grow up.”  The goal is to become integrated.  The goal is to know both what we think and how we feel as we move through our days and relationships.

I tell my clients who do inner child work they will end up with two things.

Simply put, they will end up having maximum control of their lives and maximum emotional freedom.

If you are interested in doing inner child work, please feel free to contact me.

I want to help.

- Judy

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