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Individual Counseling

Do you ever stare out your window and ask yourself, “Is this all there is or “How did I get here, and when and where did my life plans get forgotten?”

How long have you waited in the silence for some answers to come?

Sometimes life happens while we are busy doing other things. Sometimes it isn’t until we realize we are feeling stuck, bogged down, anxious, depressed and joyless, that it is time to take action in our own lives.

It is in that moment of realization we can look at ourselves in the mirror and say for the first time, in a long time, “I matter and I want to feel happy and connected to life.”

We have years of experience helping to empower clients take charge of their lives, find new purpose, overcome losses and tragedies, take risks, find their own voice and live life in a way that says, “I am me, I am fully alive and I feel JOY!

There really is hope.  We want to help.

We Want To Help

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