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Who takes care of YOU when you are the one taking care of others?

What?  What does that mean? Who takes care of me?

Who takes care of me?

Who takes care of me?

It this is a startling question for you to ask, or a question that makes you think or shed an involuntary tear, it might be that the demands of your life have begun to outweigh your personal resources.

Sometimes, life is overwhelming due to multiple stressors that are not in our control, and sometimes life is overwhelming because we are good people who can’t say no, don’t say no, would do just about anything to avoid conflict and are not willing or ready to admit and face our own limitations.

Unrecognized and unmanaged caretaking leads to burnout.  Serious burnout is more than just needing a break or a rest.

There is help available.  We want to help.


We Want To Help

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