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Benefits of Inner Child Counseling

The Benefits Of Doing Inner Child Counseling

I (Judy) have been doing Inner Child Counseling in Minnesota for many years.  I believe it has a profound and lasting impact in the lives of my clients who choose to do Inner Child counseling.

When we were born we were born pure and innocent.  All we have to do is either see and/or hold an infant to understand how beautiful and vulnerable we all were at that time.  It was a time in our lives that we were totally dependent on others to take care of us.

Over time, we learned who we could trust and who we couldn’t trust.  Before we even knew how to communicate with words we were learning who responded to our cries and our sweet little coos.  We learned who smiled and came to pick us up, meet our needs and hold us gently, and we learned who ignored our cries and our coos or even got angry when we needed something.

We went from being the “natural” child to a “wounded” child.  Over time we learned to protect ourselves from being wounded at home and in the world.

There are multiple benefits of doing inner child counseling.

  1.  We get to heal our wounded child.
  2.  We get to “re-parent” our inner child.
  3.  We get to integrate our adult self and our inner child.
  4.  We get to recognize we need both our adult self and our inner child to   make the best possible decisions.
  5.  We get to have someone on our side no matter where we are or what we are doing.
  6. We get to learn a life skill that becomes a tool and is 100% portable.
  7. We get to give ourselves a gift that will bring us confidence, peace and joy.


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